Balm Beauty Club members may have a maximum of 2 Beauty Club appointments booked at any one time (this does not include any non-Club appointments you may have). You may book & use a maximum of one appointment per day. 


Appointments must be booked by phone or in person, not via the regular online booking service, stating it is a Beauty Club booking. Any appointments booked online will be charged at full price.


Minimum membership period is 3 months, after that, you may cancel at any time with one month’s notice.  


We can only accept a limited number of clients to the Balm Beauty Club each month, in which case we will put you on our waiting list and keep you informed when we have availability. 


Non-payment of a penalty fee or subscription will suspend your membership immediately. 


 Appointments are only bookable no more than 7 days in advance by phone, and are booked for the next available appointment that suits your availability. We cannot guarantee a particular staff member for your treatment or guarantee a particular time will be available, but will always do our very best to accommodate you.  


There is no limit on the number of services you may book in any month, however, we will advise and potentially refuse service if we believe there is a detrimental effect as a result of over-treating. 


Each appointment is no longer than 30 minutes. Any extensions to the 30mins by the client due to lateness, change of mind/treatment etc., will incur an additional fee of £10 per additional 30 minutes. If you are late for your appointment, we reserve the right to refuse service. 


Balm Beauty Club members who miss, cancel or move their appointment will be charged a £10 penalty.


We reserve the right to suspend your membership without notice at any time. 

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